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Press Release #1 Critical Thinking Enablers


Press Release   Richard Burrill Critical Thinking Enablers. Chico, CA: 

The Anthro Company (Publishing), 2019.

Critical Thinking Enablers (CTE) is a “sweet sixteen” course package (see Table of Contents) with very much needed critical thinking skills. In a future that will require better skills at sorting out facts from fiction, this work is very relevant and needed. Simply put, and to borrow a little from writer Ernest Hemingway as explained, this syllabus is a vehicle for forming your own, “built-in, shock proof crap detector.”

A veteran social studies teacher designed the contents, to equip any self-directed learner. Are you an American or an individual who is thinking about becoming an American citizen? This syllabus is designed to help the people value knowledge in order to think critically and be informed, as best we can to direct our government that exists to serve us. 

Upon successful mastery of the curriculum, an Award Certificate is available for you that demonstrates proficiency in the skills of fact finding and knowing the scientific method process. Surely a local scientist can be found who may interview you for mastery of such, and then sign off on your Award Certificate to show others. 

Richard Burrill is a career educator, Adjunct Instructor emeritus, author of several books in American studies and anthropology. He continues to operate his alternative press publishing firm, called The Anthro Company. Burrill explains: “Based on current events, I felt moved to review and improve upon my past strategies for nurturing and encouraging critical thinking.”

Burrill seeks people to form and work in a team of about five. Discussions by willing individuals are encouraged. Problems are viewed as puzzles. Several fascinating short stories, involving archaeology and recent world history, are provided that instill the joy and wonder of learning. 

You begin with a challenge of critical thinking teasers (surprise pictures) that show how unseeing human eyes can be. Making statements of appreciation about others in your group, are encouraged throughout the sessions, by introducing “sentence starters.” “I liked it when . . . .” “I admire you for . . . .” 

Occasionally, I have had students respond with sincere remarks that makes teaching CTEs, very worth while: 

• “Wow! I realize now how this course is all about getting your head together!” (Unnamed student)

• “Thank you Robert, for telling me you benefited when I gave examples of primary sources that made sense to you. You made it meaningful for everyone, too.”

• “I am glad I took your seminar. I will recommend it to my other friends.

Richard Burrill, with Professor Lon Halley, will speak on Thursday, March 28 and /or Friday March 29, 2019 on “Critical Thinking Enablers By Using the Best of Technology Today.” Where? At the This Way to Sustainability Conference, XIV, Bell Memorial Union (BMU) Lobby and Auditorium, on the California State University Chico campus.

Burrill’s Curriculum Vitae and books in stock to preview and/or purchase are found at: For inquiries email <>

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In this book, Richard Burrill also provides several fascinating examples of muddled world history:

• What Japanese teach today [1982, revised 1984] about Pearl Harbor revealed the little known “ABCD encirclement network” by America, British, China, and Dutch Holland, that was a threatening, all out, oil embargo against their nation. Translated from kanji.

• The Roman circus gladiators knew to kill their opponent upon seeing in the emperor’s party in the box, their thumbs. First hand account: Roman historian Juvenal (anno Domini 60-140) writings published in 1693, “when with thumbs bent back they popularly kill.”

• RE: The Spanish American War and the purported “BLOWING UP OF THE MAINE” and “WAR NEWS! WAR WITH SPAIN! was pure “yellow journalism,” as printed on penny post card dated February 22, 1898 --whereas Congress did not declare war until April 20th, 64 days later! 

• The “dirty business” of making two different ships manifest versions, one the “loading manifest” and one called the “supplemental manifest.” The latter, more comprehensive one showed the significant contraband on board, was not “handed in” until the passenger liner was safely on the high seas. The justifiable torpedoing by the Germans of Britain’s HMS Lusitania in 1915, that led to U.S.’s entry into WW I on April 6, 1917, was not shown to President FDR until 1940, and not until 1972, did Life publish the scoop of Colin Simpson’s book titled Lusitania (Boston: Little, Brown & Company) that unmasked “many more secrets of the British Admiralty.”

•  “At the heart of my work, I honor knowledge, and bringing science back. My book, Critical Thinking Enablers, teaches the best ways to spot ‘fake news,’ in order to best sort out the avalanche of information that we are all exposed to in our daily lives.” –Richard Burrill 

• “Now would also be an excellent time for schools to beef up their teaching of philosophy, history, civics and social studies. Teach those things as a means of helping people to think critically, value truth and internalize the ideals that are supposed to make America America.”

–Leonard Pitts, columnist for The Miami Herald (Jan. 28, 2017). 

* * * * *

The recent act of creating and expanding “fake news” got jump stated in earnest by and from the White House back on January 22, 2017, when journalist Chuck Todd confronted then White House Counselor to the President, Ms. Kellyanne Conway. Todd sought a retraction of the “provable falsehood” made by Press Secretary Sean Spicer working for 45th President of the United States, regarding purported inauguration attendance numbers. 

Claimed by Sean Spicer: “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period –both in person and around the globe.” 

Fact check by the Washington Post: Four Pinocchios. 

Ms. Conway responded to Todd that Spicer’s answer was merely “alternative facts.” Never mind that the term was copied right out of George Orwell’s 1984!